For Consumers

Paying Your Account

Do you have an account listed with Oliver Adjustment Company? You can make payment arrangements through the following options.

Make An Online Payment

Speak With Collection Representative

Stop At Our Office or Mail Payment

Oliver Adjustment Company of Kenosha & Racine Inc.
3416 Roosevelt Road
Kenosha, WI 53142

Solutions to Pay in Full

Have You Thought Of These Solutions To Pay Your Account In Full?

  • Setting up a wage assignment directly from your paycheck
  • Getting a personal loan
  • Getting a co-signer to help obtain a loan
  • Cashing in part of a retirement account
  • Borrowing the money from a friend or family member

Free Credit Report

Do you have a question about a charge listed on your credit report? As a consumer, you have free access to your own credit report one time per year.   Log on to to access your credit report for free (remember, only one time per year). Find out what lenders and credit card companies are looking at regarding YOUR credit.